How to get a free domain email address

Jan 31, 2020 | Email Marketing | 0 comments

If you are looking to get a free domain email address then read on.

You will need:

  • a domain (from $10 but can be free)
  • web hosting (from $3 per month but usually $5 – $10 per month)

Most hosting providers will give you a free domain email address with a hosting plan. (If your not sure simply email them before you purchase and ask!)


Here’s how:

Let’s say you buy the domain (just as an example) which might cost $10 and then connect that to a hosting provider. (I’ve seen offers this week of $3 per month for hosting)


Once your domain and hosting are connected, you can log into your cPanel, find the email section and click on email accounts or new email or similar. In just a few clicks you’ll have your own personalised email – or or whatever.


Perfect for adding legitimacy to a business and a much higher deliverability rate than a gmail (or similar) email if you will be doing email marketing.


Accessing your emails

You can access your emails via a webmail service that is automatically provided or set ip up to go to your phone, desktop or even your gmail.

From memory you can also usually get several email addresses. (Maybe up to 20 but I think it depends on the provider).


You can see a full tutorial of the process here: [coming soon]


P.S. In case you think I lied – you’re right, this isn’t actually free. Technically the whole process isn’t free but once you have a domain and hosting, getting an actual email address is free!


What do I use?


For the last 10 years, I have bought all my domains from Great prices, easy to use website, frequent discounts and superior customer service.


I have used hostgator also for approx 10 years. All my websites have been hosted on a $15 per month plan without issue. For a few reasons, I recently migrated from hostgator to The migration was handled entirely by their team and so far I’m delighted with the switch. Both run on CPanel so switching service provider wasn’t a big deal from me.

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